For Beginners And Experts

You don’t need to have any fundamental analysis to be a successful trader. Better said all the news is just a cover up from the big traders. All we do here is technical analysis in a way you have never seen. Fully naked charts with no indicators for so whatever.

No mather if your a beginner with no experience at all or an expert in trading already. TradeonFX is for you. Everyone says trading isn’t easy, and that is true if you don’t know what to look for. There are a lot of trading strategies and most of them tells you can get rich quick. At TradeonFX we won’t tell you will get rich quick, but we will make you rich in the longer term. The best thing about trading currency’s is that instead of stocks, you don’t need to have fortunes to trade this market and still get a nice profit. Finally you can quit your job and get the life you always wanted.

Trade with the big boys

Why do most people fail in trading the forex market? It’s because the market is manipulated by the big banks.

Most people trade with all kind of indicators and Expert Advisors. The problem with these indicators and Expert Advisors is, that it will work at times, but most of the times it won’t work and you lose all your money again.

Almost all brokers will earn money if you are on the wrong side of the trade and the big banks know where you have your orders and stop losses placed. Think of it by yourself. More than half of the trading volume in the forex market is done by only 6 big banks. Citi, JP Morgan, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Barclays. They need to make money everyday and can do that only by taking it from for example the retail traders and hedge funds. This is done by letting your trade go into the opposite direction that the big banks want to go to and get your right trades get stopped out.

How many times where you in the right direction, but just before it went your direction you got stopped out? This wasn’t bad luck, but all was planned to do so. Most people are learned to put there stops at a specific point. And the big banks know that. All they have to do is to take your stops out and get in the real direction.

Here at TradeonFX we teach you how to follow the big banks. Because they move the price. Forget what you all have learned. Start with a fresh start at TradeonFX.


Don’t want to be glued to the screen?

Our TradeonFX signal service will get you all the best trades. Just enter or exit the trade on our signal and your good to go.

With our TradeonFX signal service you don’t have to know anyting about trading. Just enter the trade when you get our signal. Signals can be shown when you log in at Here you can see the chart analyses and when to enter or exit a trade. If you don’t have the time to look at charts or you want to confirm that your analyse was right. This signal service is great for you. We scan all the charts and get the best trades out of it just for you.


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